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SpliTron is a bill splitting app for iPhone that offers
a beautiful interface that is easy and fun to use.

SpliTron -Split Your Bill-

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Enter Amount

In addition to total, other amounts can be entered such as:
- Tip
- Coupons / Discounts
- Leftover Change (From a previous party, etc.)
- Other Costs (Gift bottle of wine, etc.)

Enter Number of Gueasts

In addition to entering how many people are splitting the bill,
you can create groups and split the bill between them as well.
For example, "Ladies get $10 off."

Set Everyone's Share

When splitting the bill by groups,
the wheel will be divided by color.
You can select groups to edit by spinning the wheel.

More or Less

You can have groups pay more than or less than everyone else.

$○○ Exactly

Choose this when you want people
to pay a set price.

Flick to Chooose

Share Receipts

You can email the results of the split to your friends.
And because SpliTron keeps a history of your
transactions, you can look them up anytime.

Tap to add collected money to the total and see the data displayed on the graph.

Keep track of everyone's change in the notes section.

Collect Money