feature support


What's new in v1.3.2

・Fixed the bug that the app doesn't launch.


What's new in v1.3.1

・Fixed the bug that the app crushes after reset.


What's new in v1.3.0

・Editing Records
・Supporting ₱


What's new in v1.2.1

・Fixed the bug that the bar at the top of the screen didn't work correctly occasionally

What's new in v1.2

・Passcode Lock

What's new in v1.1

・Supporting several currency symbols (€, £, ₩, Fr., kr, Rs, Kč and руб)
・Editing categories / Creating new categories
・Brand new UI for recording notes
・Fixed bug where transactions didn't appear on the calendar if you changed the time zone.
・General bug fixes

What's new in v1.0.2

・Supports the new Retina Display on the iPhone 4.
・Supports iOS 4

What's new in v1.01

・Fixed a bug where the calendar didn't appear if you   didn’t choose the 1st of this month as the start of month.
・Fixed a bug where the app would crash if you had chosen any day other than the first of the month and tried to switch months in the calendar view.
・Fixed typos.
・General bug fixes.