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MoneyTron helps you manage your pocket money. Input transactions quickly and easily using MoneyTron's beautiful user interface.

Keep track of income and expenses

To record a transaction, simply choose a category, enter an amount, and you're done. Your balance will be updated immediately at the top of the screen.

Quickly check your balance

Swipe through total, monthly, and daily summaries of your spending at the top of the screen. The balance meter under your total and monthly balances shows your income versus your expenses.

View detailed reports

MoneyTron gives you access to detailed reports of your finances broken down by day, month and for the entire time you've used the app. Donut charts show you an overview divided by category and daily reports show you all individual transactions. Rotate your device to see a bar graph illustrating your income versus spending over the years.


Many detailed categories (2 types of income, 24 types of expenses)